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To Islamize and beyond!!!

Book Review
Islamization of Knowledge: General Principles and Work Plan by International Institute of Islamic Thought, Herndon, Virginia, U.S.A, edited by Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, 1409AH/1989AC, 126 pp.

It should be much appreciated, that the IIIT had published a book entitled Islamization of Knowledge: General Principles and Work Plan. This book was written by Dr Ismail Raji al-Faruqi after the working agenda of the Third International Conference on the subject Islamization of Knowledge.
Based on the overall view of the book, one could not but to submit gratitude to those involved in the publication of this book. Starting from the contents, one can clearly detect the carefully choreographed structure of the book as a result of professionalism in intellectual discourse. The chapters itself were warily arranged in accordance to its priorities. As an introduction to establish unwavering commitment of readers, the first chapter embarks on a journey to outline the problems of the Muslim society. The historical background, so as the main threats instead of merely its side-effects are also mentioned. After readers have understood the present state of the Islamic society and its contributors, the second chapter begins to establish the solution to which all of the threats could be treated, even not as a whole, properly. What follows afterwards is two chapters back to back on the very fundamentals of Islam. It would be like other Islamic essentials books if these two chapters are to be mentioned earlier. But the main agenda is to attract scholars of Muslim society to accomplish the Revealed objectives. So it is a job well done to organize it as such. The fifth and the sixth chapters are actually a little confusing in terms of priorities. Therefore I would put fifth the chapter of which the concept and work plan of Islamization is discussed instead of the Agenda of the Institute for it is the cause of the Institute that attracts participation of desired members. However looking back at the detail points under the fifth chapter ‘Agenda of the Institute’, it would support my previous point of view regarding the cause of the Institute. Finally, to sum it all up, it ends with the seventh chapter ‘Financial Requirements’ where possible financial back-up was to be identified.
In accordance with this second edition version of the previous revised and expanded script, it may not look like there is any difference between the two versions. Or rather it can’t be looked like there is any difference between both. But the fact that the book was revised and expanded in a period of just a year proved that the professionalism of those who directly involved in the Islamization project is unquestionable. That it is beyond anticipation to know that the force at work behind the Divine project is of steadfast determination.
We then look upon the third and fourth chapter of the book. Upon which we are debriefed of the fundamentals of Islamic doctrines. Concise as it may seem, yet these pair of chapters actually summarizes the basic Islamic belief of which is necessary in order to nurture a well-balanced devoted Muslim brainpower. Emphasizing on the five essential first principles of Islamic methodology, these chapters bring about a comprehensive synopsis of what makes a Muslim, a true Muslim.

Unfortunately, aside from the abovementioned list of plus points, one can still be confused at certain point to the extent of skipping it unwillingly. For instance, from the aspect of its language proficiency. Concerning the fact that the book is intended to higher level of education group, the vocabulary is somewhat encyclopedic that an average Muslim student would find it difficult to comprehend such large scale type of masterpiece. Or maybe we can say that the book was targeted to the American Muslim society where the root of the malaise of the Ummah originated. But then again, one cannot deny the role of lesser Islamic intellectuals, that there are far more large number of Muslim students that are not up to the advance-language challenge, but possessed equal, or even greater, scope of initiatives, determination and creativity. For the process of Islamization requires every stage of Muslim society’s contribution to make sure of its accomplishment. Truth be told, the book must be read at the very least more than a couple of time to understand its message completely.
Besides that, it has come to one’s concern that even though the book title and message are of the Islamization process, to relate contemporary knowledge to Divine Revelation, it does not emphasize on the methodology of Islamic tradition of knowledge. Little is used of the culture of Islamic methodology of supporting statements or reasoning with revelations. Except in the chapter that has direct connection with Islamic doctrines, other chapters seem to be cut off from the all-inclusive source of Islamic knowledge. This consequently proves several hypotheses;
The author is unconsciously projecting the image of dualism in his work. Clearly published in the book where we can see two different kind of situation. First is the situation where the range of discussion evolved around the subject of occupying contemporary knowledge, such as social analysis, psychological assessment, history background check and so on. In this situation the author has so little initiative to resort to traditional Islamic methodology to support his statement by referring to revelations. The second situation is where the center of discussion is about basic fundamentals of Islamic principles, in other words, the ‘religious’ side of the knowledge, where the author successfully practiced the Islamic core of culture.
One can even go to the extent of saying that the author is not committed with the major task of implanting revelations in every step of man’s actions. Was he aware of the principal message of his work, and to what extent does his awareness affect his very course of professional habit; it is unknown to the readers.
Or even worse, one could raise the factual truth of this matter that the author’s act of leaving behind the Islamic legacy, might prove somewhat of a disbelief that harbors deep inside the author’s mind. Unsure whether the Islamic legacy might actually hold the key to the salvation of the Ummah from submission to the social malaise.

Last but not least, in the sixth chapter, the author has devised a model work plan of which may hold the answer to the big Q of how to Islamize knowledge. He divided his blue print into two stages, which the first of it is the stage of accumulating necessary and essential fundamental knowledge in accordance to his object of research. This stage was then divided into two sub-stage, first is the mastery of modern sciences, and the second one is the mastery of the Islamic legacy.
Unless one has mistakenly understood the message that the author tried to convey, but is it not obvious that this description of stage division contradicted the previous core of argument. In the first chapter the author exclaimed that the real problem of the Ummah lies within the very core of educational system. That the system is taken from an alien source strange to Islamic culture and belief, the whole Ummah is forced to succumb to social disease. But later on the author mentioned first the mastery of modern sciences as superior to the mastery of Islamic legacy, ignoring the fact that the modern sciences are so harmful, it would completely deafen the Islamic conscience from within the young generations. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to prioritize the Islamic legacy instead of the contemporary sciences of Western culture? Or one could say that Islamic legacy in today’s civilization is less relevant that it should come second after Western education. So unless it be made clear that the order of priority is not emphasized here, even so it is still liable to equip young generations with Islamic legacy rather than favoring the concept of secularism.

In the end, as it is the first of its kind, the high intensity of organized material of this book is somewhat a remarkable fact. It is not fair to blatantly imposed series of argument out of mere discrimination. However, every suggestions and disagreements should be recorded for the sake of intellectual improvement. That goes without saying to all, be it readers, commentators and even the author himself.

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Salam 'alaik Sheikh Farouq & Sheikh Adam.
Here's mine.
I hope you will double check it 4 hidden mistakes/grammatical error or add anything that I missed.

If the above link doesn't work, try this 1 instead.

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Hateshinaku Tooi Sora ni

Vocals : The Stand Up
Lyrics : Sakamoto Takanori
Composition : Tada Takehiro
Arrangement : The Stand Up
Anime : Kyou Kara Maou! (God! Save Our King/Maou From Now On!)

Hateshinaku tooi sora ni "Arigatou" no kimochi dake
Todoku you ni ryoute hirogete warau
In the endlessly far sky, there's only the feeling of "thank you"
As if reaching out, I'll spread my hands and laugh

Chiisakute kowaresou na inochi no kakera o kimi mo boku mo
Hitotsu-zutsu motte iru
Little and fragile pieces of life, you and I
Are holding them one by one

Shinjitsu no hikari wa Akarusa o mashite iku
Yami wa kiesari Kimi no kokoro ga mirai o terasu
The light of truth will increase the brightness
Wiping away darkness, your heart will illuminate the future

Hitotsu yakusoku shiyou Boku wa koko de ikiteru
Aru ga mama de ii Mitsumeyou masshiro na iro
Let's promise one thing, I'm alive here
It's great to still be so; a pure white color that seems to glare

Omoi wa yagate itsuka Unmei ni tadoritsuki
Kagirinai tsuyosa Mitsukeru n da
Before long, my thoughts will someday arrive at my destiny
And find a limitless strength

Shinjitsu o motomeru n da Kanashimi ni uchihishigareta to shite mo
Makesou na yoru de mo
I seek for the truth, even if I get battered by sadness
Even on a night in which all seems lost

Shoudou wa shizuka na Toki no naka de umarete
Kakugo o kimeta Kimi no kokoro wa Subete o kaeru
Impulses are born within the quiet times
Your determined heart will change everything

Hitotsu yakusoku shiyou Boku wa koko de ikiteru
Aru ga mama de ii Mitsumeyou masshiro na iro
Let's promise one thing, I'm alive here
It's great to still be so; a pure white color that seems to glare

Omoi wa yagate itsuka Unmei ni tadoritsuki
Kagirinai tsuyosa Mitsukeru n da

Before long, my thoughts will someday arrive at my destiny
And find a limitless strength

Hateshinaku tooi sora ni
In the endlessly far sky

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hari² terakhir bersama dunia remaja...

letih betul rupanya balik habis ni ye... ke hulu ke hilir... tak cukup kaki tgn rasanya... dahla duit kluar mcm hingus selsema burung... laju semcm je... padahal kumpul² balik brg yg dah dibeli tak byk pon... hairan seolah²...
hari ni hari ahad 29/1... pagi tadi aku bangun pegi kuliah tgk sijil... alhamdulillah nmpk la rupanya sijil tu... tp takleh ambik lagi sbb tak cukup sain dekan kuliah... besok pegi lagi... biasala rupa muamalah benda² mcm ni... kang pakai istilah 'muamalah dgn arab' rasa mcm tak adil pulak... ntah² kat m'sia pon sama mcm ni gak...
ptg singgah rumah salman kat bawabah 3... rupanya pc yg aku jual tu ada mangsa-alah... gemar reset mcm dulu² zaman muda² dia... yg stail depa pulak yg aku tak paham, asal takleh masuk windows je, setup windows baru... nila topik sbnr aku mecok tetiba smpai tertaip entry hari ni...
rupanya aku baru prasan kat rumah aku pon ada sorang yg suka setup windows... asal slow je setup baru... dgn alasan ada virus... padahal faktor 'tak reti guna program' pon blh dikira sbg wabak... duk asik tanya antivirus apa yg power... kalau pakai antivirus power 10 bijik pon, tak reti guna sama jugak... sudahnye setup windows jugak... pastu mula la sebar fitnah kata antivirus hak tu tak power la... walhal tu bukan salah program tu @ syarikat pengeluar mahupun sanak sedara mereka...
aku pelik la bila depa beriya kata pc mereka dijangkiti virus... padahal salahnye lambat sket je... kdg tu lambat beberapa negatif milisaat je pon dikira virus... kesian la kat hdd tu asik kena brainwash je...
elok je aku balik dari pesta buku, penuh pulak la rumah... ada yg tgh ngajar nahu, ada yg tgh setup program baru, ada yg tgh defrag, ada yg tgh wat backup drive... elok je pulak time aku masuk tu ada pulak usaha² utk melekehkan aku... kemuncaknye bila ada org sound aku kuat² jgn usik pc tu... bunyi takla menengking, tp cukup la buat aku kecik ati betul... yela kamu tu thiqoh & bermaklumat & bla bla bla (semua yg terbaik)... aku ni cikai je... reti main game 3-4 jam je... reti setup 2-3x setahun je... reti download kat cc je... reti tarik line network je... reti jual pc mahal² walhal brg x berkualiti & up-to-date...
korang je la yg power sesgt hatta semua hackers pon takut dgn kethiqohan korang... cakap pon berapi bergema satu bangunan... tensen sungguh aku hari ni... rasa mcm nak balik m'sia mlm ni jugak... ni baru kat mesir... baru muamalah dgn beberapa ketul watak yg suka review benda dgn suara yg lantang, dah aku & kekawan sakit ati... blom balik m'sia lagi tu... glabah betul... tp soalan yg spatutnya ditanya, aku ke dorang yg glabah sbnrnya... :sigh:
mati idea... besok ke kuliah lg amik sijil... harapnya siap la besok... aku punya sorang je la tp... yg member aku sorang tu punye tak siap lg... masih sangkut sbb salah ejaan... no komen...
sehingga ke hari ni aku masih dlm kategori lelaki single... kalau perangai aku ni melayakkan diri aku ni dikira lelaki la...
Ya ALLAH kalaulah takdir kebujangan aku sehingga ari ni menyumbang ke arah kemajuan intelektual umat Islam sejagat, aku redha Ya RABB...

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Eyeshield 21 Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ganaskah logikal otak itu?

Berhubung dgn kes kepetualangan pegawai hep (kononnyalah) Selangor terhadap pelajar² Selangor yg berada di Mesir dan menetap di Rumah Selangor Haiyu 'Asyir.
Aku pun terlibat secara langsung dlm hal ni, sebabnya 17/7 itu hari aku dapat surat bertulis (yg dinampakkan seolah-olah rasmi dari K'jaan Negeri Selangor) supaya bersiap-sedia dlm masa 3 hari utk diberambuskan...

Kesimpulan otak aku sehingga detik ni :
Aku patutnya tdk akan bertindak ganas terhadap kedua² ekor mangkuk ni.
Sbbnya lagi kalau aku buat ganas sbg cthla, baling batu ke dsb, aku akan secara tak langsung menjatuhkan martabat NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W sbb Baginda dulu mmg pernah kena benda² mcm tu. Tak patutlah aku menyamakan status 2 ekor mangkuk yg biadab tu dgn keadaan yg dilalui oleh Baginda NABI sdgkan terang² 2 suasana ni berbeza sama sekali. Baginda NABI dicemuh + diganasi sbb berdakwah kpd ALLAH S.W.T. Sdgkan 2 ekor mangkuk tu berusaha penat lelah mengipas makhluk yg lagi hampeh dari dorang dgn cara yg ke'yahudi'an semata-mata ingin memartabatkan gaya hidup dorang sendiri tatkala menghabisi sumber² halal dari Rukun Islam.
Sbbnya lagi Baginda NABI dulu bila dah diganasi melampaui batas norma² manusia, Baginda tak berdendam mcm org² melayu. Sebaliknya Baginda terus lampaukan fokus kpd matlamat sebenar keperutusan Baginda dan mengadu kpd ALLAH EMPUNYA ALAM. Bahkan dlm sesetgh kes tu Baginda masih lagi mendoakan mereka² yg pernah menzalimi + mengugut Baginda. Logiknya otak aku menggariskan, kalaulah sama org kafir pon Baginda berlembut, inikan pula yg sama Islam.
Sbb kalaunya aku buat mcm tu maknanya aku ni takde beza dgn diorg. Dorang tu ngaji tak tinggi alah mana, so logikallah kebudakannya sifat² mangkuk² tu. Lazimnya golongan yg superior kenalah mengalah bg can kat golongan inferior barulah nampak kematangan golongan superior.
Sbbnya keganasan luaran hanyalah utk mereka² yg mentah + memandang dunia ini dari dimensi seorg yg dipengaruhi tv dan berpakaian rasmi sekolah. Patutnyalah aku yg dah semakin tua nyanyuk ni menghadam pengalaman² sebegini dan berfikir secara rasional dlm mengharungi benda² remeh mcm ni dgn penuh intelek + tawaduk.
Sbbnya kalau aku buat betul keganasan fizikal, aku yakin yg besok² aku pasti akan terkenang kembali sejarah hitam mcm ni dan mengeluh 'Kalaulah aku tak buat mcm tu dulu, mesti aku tak nampak bodoh ek.'
Sbb yg kurang lbh sama, setiap tindakan makhluk yg hidup di dunia ni memberi kesan kpd makhluk yg lain. Dan kita manusia dilebihkan dari makhluk yg lain dgn dikurniakan pelbagai perasaan termasuk 'perasaan bersalah'. Dan setiap manusia dilebihkan dari manusia yg lain dari segi tahap + kualiti keperasaanan mereka.
Sbb tak kurang penting, aku takut org² dpt mengesan motif di sebalik keganasan yg terlaku. Ingin dianggap hero di kalangan budak² perempuan & tdk dpt menahan marah.

Aku pon dah hilang jejak sasaran tulisan ni.

سبحانك اللهمّ ربنا انصرنا فإنك خير الناصرين, وانصرنا فإننا من المظلومين المستضعفين, اللهم اهدنا لأحسن الأخلاق, لايهدى لأحسنها إلا أنت, واصرف عنا سيئها, لايصرف عنا سيئها إلا أنت, ربنا اغفرلنا ذنوبنا وإسرافنا فى أمرنا وثبت أقدامنا وانصرنا على القوم الكافرين, وعلى القوم الظالمين, وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه وسلم, .والحمد لله رب العالمين